Soundscapes & Serenades

by Jesse Eubanks

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I recorded this album in 2003 in the back rented bedroom of the house we called 805. I was in my early 20's, living in a major city and on staff with a doomed new church that ultimately died two years later. But it was a fun album - made quickly. It represents a good season of life, full of creativity - made in a house where I had countless great memories with friends and roommates.

I borrowed my friend Paul's Yamaha MT4X 4 Multi-Track Tape Cassette Recorder Mixer. It was supposed to be a loan. I never got around to returning it. Paul has since passed away, so you could say that I inherited it (which I know he would feel good about). Paul was one of my greatest supporters - always encouraging me to keep recording and touring and to try new things. I would not have had any of the touring experiences I did if it weren't for Paul pushing me out the door to go do it. I am so grateful.

After making the album "Mediation, Contemplation & Prayer" the previous year, which had a very specific focus of helping people in their spiritual disciplines (outlined in the obvious title of the album), I wanted to make something fun and indulgent. So, I made this.

I had a tiny pedal board full of gear that was half broken. I used a C-1000 mic that ran through the pedal board and out of my amp. I used it for everything - guitar, percussion, vocals. I even played a kid's toy organ on one track.

On the song "Sleep Well" I feel like I finally perfected the drone sound I had in my head and that I had attempted to learn over a couple of years. Open tuned guitar leaning on amp with a fan from the early 1900's turned on high blowing on the guitar - vibrating the strings as it ran through a mad scientist's concoction of effects. Plus, typically my voice grates my nerves. I can actually stand to listen to myself on that song.

My friend Ron sang on "Jesus Saved My Soul". Ron was a good friend to me in Philadelphia and remains one of the most talented people I've ever met. I met Ron while he was still grieving the death of his longtime girlfriend who died in the World Trade Centers on 9/11. Though he did not like the melody ("It sounds like old black music - like something my grandma would sing."), he was nice enough to sing it anyway with enthusiasm and soul. On the outside, Ron and I appeared to be dramatically different people - but we connected deeply on the most important things in life - our Christian faith, creativity and the desire to go deep in our conversations.

This album represents a lot of good memories. I hope you enjoy it.


released May 1, 2003

Jesse Eubanks: Guitars, Drones, Percussion, Vocals, Sonic Destruction
Ronald J. Shariff: Vocals on "Jesus Saved My Soul"

Recorded at 805, Philadelphia, PA in 2003 on the Yamaha MT4X 4 Multi-Track Tape Cassette Recorder Mixer.

Mixed and Mastered at Ear Candy Studio, Louisville, KY.



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Jesse Eubanks Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: The Hem
To who else could I go?
Who else can save my soul?
Anywhere I would go
Just to touch the hem of your robe
Track Name: Jesus Saved My Soul
I said, "Hey, Jesus saved my soul!"
I want the whole the world to know

I said he saved my soul
My Lord saved my soul

If he did it for me,
he can do it for you

Every day he's in my life
Every day he's walking right by side
Track Name: Sleep Well
Sleep well my friend
Heal tonight
Sleep well my friend
Feel the warmth of God
Sleep well