Meditation, Contemplation and Prayer

by Jesse Eubanks

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In September of 2001, I was 22 years old and had been given the opportunity to studio sit for Eddy Morris for a week. I used the opportunity to try out a new drone technique that I had read about. After recording the first track, "Creation Cries Out", I knew that I had stumbled into something that I resonated with deeply.

A handful of my friends were kind enough to come in and collaborate with me. (The sum is truly greater than the parts.) Many of the songs they played on were primarily their own musical concepts woven into the style of the album. I probably received more credit than I deserved. I owe a lot to this album and my resulting experiences to the kindness of my friends.

As a result of this album, I was able to tour 35 US States in 2002/2003, lead worship on the top of a mountain range in New Hampshire, almost get arrested setting off fireworks in New Mexico and see many beautiful places including the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, Manhattan and the Pacific Northwest. It was a tremendous time in life. I was broke but it was beautiful.

Though I have written songs in standard verse-chorus-verse style, I find myself returning to this genre again and again. I love how drones freeze time and help us to step out of the demands of life to reflect on eternity, the God of the universe and the crucified Christ.

I also had some people say some nice things about the album:

" ambient masterpiece..." - HM Magazine

"If you really seek to worship God, this disc creates quite a contemplative mood and rather than being a distraction, can be a real aid in getting closer to God in a meaningful and lasting way." - The Phantom Tollbooth

"...far more impact than most of the songs I hear on Sunday mornings these days." - Opus Zine

In 2002, I was honored to be named Artist of the Year by Somewhere Cold Magazine.


released May 1, 2002

Produced, engineered and mixed by J. Eubanks. Recorded at Ear Candy Studios in Louisville, KY, September 2001 - December 2001, except the laugh on "Consolation", recorded onto cassette tape at St. Meinrad Archabbey, St. Meinrad, IN in October 2001. Mastered by Eddy Morris. "The Man of Calvary" sermon by Sin-Killer Griffin, all rights reserved by the Library of Congress, AFS 187 A. Text edited by Olga-Maria Cruz. Album design by J. Eubanks.

This project is an offering to God.



all rights reserved


Jesse Eubanks Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Creation Cries Out
I come to you broken and bruised
I come to you wanting to be made new

Creation sings
Creation cries out

Take me in your arms
Track Name: In Praise of God
St. Francis of Assisi's prayer in praise of God given to Brother Leo

You are holy, Lord, the only God,
and Your deeds are wonderful.
You are strong.
You are great.
You are the Most High.
You are Almighty.
You, Holy Father are King of heaven and earth.
You are Three and One, Lord God, all Good.
You are Good, all Good, supreme Good, Lord God, living and true.
You are love. You are wisdom.
You are humility. You are endurance.
You are rest. You are peace.
You are joy and gladness.
You are justice and moderation.
You are all our riches, and You suffice for us.
You are beauty.
You are gentleness.
You are our protector.
You are our guardian and defender.
You are our courage. You are our haven and our hope.
You are our faith, our great consolation.
You are our eternal life, Great and Wonderful Lord,
God Almighty, Merciful Saviour.
Track Name: Nothing Can Separate Us
Not angels or demons
Not the depth of the sea
Not the height of the heavens
Can keep your love from me

Nothing can separate us
Nothing can get in our way
Nothing can come between us

There is no danger
There is no threat
There is nothing to make me believe
That you love me any less

Nothing can separate us
Nothing can get in our way
Not heaven or hell
Can come between us

Reach for me
I need to know you’re whispering inside
Reach for me
I need to know you’re standing by my side